Wk 11- Art Experience-Turning Pages


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This week we had the privilege to spend some time with the talented Marta Troya, she is an aspiring artist from Malaga, Spain. She came up with an art experience that consisted of us reading oversized children’s book in the computer lab in the Library. Right off the bat we were getting attention, people in the computers would look over at this huge group of people sitting in the waiting area reading. Why were they so shocked? We were simply reading in a library. After that we went to the CSULB Bookstore, the funny thing is that there isn’t much books there it’s pretty much a normal store that sells school merchandise. In there we were told to use the computers to check our emails, buy some stuff, play some music, or anything available there but none of them consisted of us lifting up an actual book, which is ironic because it is a bookstore. Overall I had a great time being involved in this experience with Marta Troya. She is so young and has experienced so much also she is very talented and outgoing.


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