Wk 14-Art Experience-Japanese Garden Drawings

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This week our Art Experience consisted of strictly drawing. I am a terrible drawer but I love the fact that Glenn allowed us to simply go with the flow, it didn’t have to be perfect just for us to show some effort. I have never been to the Japanese Garden at school before until this day. It was such a beautiful place. The ducks, the fish, and the trees all made it so peaceful. We had to draw abstract which was my favorite because it was simply what I saw. This Art experience had to be one of the best ones for sure, it really made me realize how amazing art is. Also, art is not only being able to draw or paint, it is whatever you want it to be. Glenn thank you for a dope experience.


Wk 13-Extra Credit-Tyler’s Geocache

I FOUND IT! On Thursday after I finished my classmate conversation and artist conversation, I went on our site and started looking for geocaches. I had my GPS app and was simply going one by one entering the coordinates of every geocache posted. I came across Tyler Kedis’s comment and when I put it into my gps I got super excited because it was simply down the hall. Now it did take me a little to realize it was under the newspaper thing instead of inside but I got so excited when I actually found it because they take a lot of work to find. Anyways I took the quarter and put a quarter that I had in my pocket and wrote my name.

Wk 13 – Artist Conversation – Nick Bamford

Exhibition Information

Artist: Nick Bamford

Exhibition: Untitled

Media: Plaster, Cement, Wood, and Found Objects

Gallery: CSULB School of Art, Gatov Gallery East

Website: None

Instagram: NickBamf4d

About the Artist

Nick Bamford was born up north and moved to Huntington Beach, California at a young age and where he currently lives. Nick is an undergraduate at California State University of Long Beach School of Arts Ceramic. He only has one semester left until he graduates but wants to continue his art career in graduate school in either UCLA or Yale. He was into Art but what made him pursue a career was a Ceramics class he took in high school. In all of his pieces he makes sculptures using ceramics and random items in a unique way.

Formal Analysis

Nick Bamford’s work is completely different from your typical art. His art personal and his goal is to bring random items to reality. All his pieces are tall with sharp edges, they have different dimensions, and different colors. He showcased his pieces with black lights with colors that stood out in the dark room like neon green, yellow, and red. What was crazy is that it only took his 5 days to complete this entire exhibition.

Content Analysis

Nick Bamford’s art is something unique, it incorporates random items with ceramics. By bringing in the random items it definitely attracts people to see exactly what it is all about. What he mentioned was that he wanted to stand out from the rest of the artist, so he put together an exhibition in the dark. Nick said that he likes pieces that, “happen on their own without any plan.” which I thought was a badass concept. That is how he considered his exhibition different from others. His favorite piece was the one with the mini shopping cart, I couldn’t agreed more, that was the piece that I wanted for my own room. He is a unique artist because he likes to make stuff that no one will recognize.

Synthesis/ My Experience

Out of the two artists that were there, I had to go with Nick’s. The artist with the maze across was pretty cool also but needed a bit more. Well this exhibition caught my attention because of the black sheets at the door. As I walked in the room was dark and lit up with black lights. His work was random but super badass! It was so dope to all these pieces come together and make a piece of art that really tells a story. I would love to have one of the pieces in my room but with random things that resemble me. It was also a hot day so when I walked up to the piece with the fan on it, I thanked the lord. Overall, Nick is a very talented artist that needs all the recognition he deserves. His art really connects with the life of a college student…random.

Wk 13-Classmate Conversation- Carlos Cucufate


This week I interviews Carlos Cucufate. I simply saw him sitting down on the bench when I arrived to class. I liked his Paris Saint Germain jersey he had on which was the perfect conversation starter. Anyways Carlos was born in Inglewood, California. He graduated with the class of 2015 which we have in common. He is also a Freshmen at Cal State University of Long Beach, Carlos is looking to major in Business management which I am also majoring in.He enjoys rap and hip hop. He plays two sports, Soccer and Basketball. He mentioned his favorite team is Real Madrid which I also support. Out of basketball he said he got into collecting sneakers. Carlos and I have a lot in common, plus I now found a buddy who I can talk about Soccer with. You guys should meet him!


Wk 13- Art Experience- Art Care Package

Vig5RzoN.jpgSo I was shocked when I picked out Hilario Saucedo’s name. We’ve actually grown really close because of this class. Well in the ACP I sent Hilario, I started off with something of myself, I put an Active Ride Shop sticker because I always wear their T-shirts, then I decided to draw Hilario’s car, a 2014 Chevrolet Camaro. I am not the best drawer but i did my best. Lastly I put something we have in common, we both come from Mexican roots so I decided to give him one of my Mexican Flags. Sending an ACP is similar to sending someone a snapchat because I could draw on the card itself just like i could when i send a picture. Sending an ACP is different than sending a snapchat because they can actually keep this forever unlike a snap only lasts from 1-10 seconds before it disappears.I believe ephemera is a beautiful thing because you can enjoy it for a little bit of time and it won’t loose it’s value even when it’s gone. I think my grandkids would want to hear the story of the Coachella bracelet and if i ever go I’m sure it’ll be a blast. The only difference about Art seen by many and Art seen by a few is that the Art seen by the few means a lot more because it’s something that only those few can talk about. The time it takes to send a ACP doesn’t matter how fast or slow it goes, as long as it arrives and no matter what it’ll be special. A Snapchat does not compare to an ACP no matter what because an ACP takes a lot more effort to send and a lot more thought into it.

Wk 12 – Classmate Conversation – John Stouras


This week I interviewed John Stouras. John was that kid that everyone in my group knew except me. Well right off that bat I noticed he was from The Bay area because of the Golden State Warriors shirt he was wearing. To start off, he is from Santa Cruz, California. I have family there and he told me he lived near them crazy huh! He currently dorms at California State University of Long Beach. He is a freshmen looking to major in Film. He mentioned he liked hockey also and his favorite team was the San Jose Sharks. His hobbies consist of playing basketball, football, and playing the Bass. Fun fact, he worked for Apple and in order to work there you have to be pretty smart. He also said that he was born with not just 10 but 11 fingers!!! it was cut off when he was born though. He said to shout out his Instagram which is @jstouras. What do you know Bay area people are actually pretty damn cool.

Wk 12-Game Design


This week we did Geocaching. To be honest this was by far the most fun I’ve had doing school work. Not only is finding these caches really challenges you but it gives you something to do when you’re bored. The one we found was in school and I did it with the help of some fellow classmates which was extremely fun. Then I tried to find some on my own around my city, I did not get lucky but I still had a lot of fun. Then I made a chache of my own. I found the container in one of my mom’s drawers and simply made a little log sheet and sharpened a pencil so it’ll be small enough to fit, I threw in a random safety pin just because you never know when it might be handy. Geocaching might just become a hobby of mine.

Wk 11- Art Experience-Turning Pages


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This week we had the privilege to spend some time with the talented Marta Troya, she is an aspiring artist from Malaga, Spain. She came up with an art experience that consisted of us reading oversized children’s book in the computer lab in the Library. Right off the bat we were getting attention, people in the computers would look over at this huge group of people sitting in the waiting area reading. Why were they so shocked? We were simply reading in a library. After that we went to the CSULB Bookstore, the funny thing is that there isn’t much books there it’s pretty much a normal store that sells school merchandise. In there we were told to use the computers to check our emails, buy some stuff, play some music, or anything available there but none of them consisted of us lifting up an actual book, which is ironic because it is a bookstore. Overall I had a great time being involved in this experience with Marta Troya. She is so young and has experienced so much also she is very talented and outgoing.