Wk 10-Artist conversation- Adeline Leon


This week I spoke to Adeline. I have never really talked to her but I’ve known because we took a Math summer course before starting college. She from Huntington Beach and commutes to school. She is a First year. She likes to go kayaking, sailing, canoeing, swimming, and loves to dance especially cumbias/Mexican music. Adeline likes going to the beach to see the sunset and loves food. She works a part time job, she started working since she was only 13 years old (the struggle). She doesnt like scary movies but watches them anyway. She said she likes cooking but not cleaning afterwards. She can listen to any type of music, it varies from rap/hip hop to corridos/cumbias. She is actually one of the few people that I know that enjoys driving. She admits to being a procrasinator and says it’s her biggest problem other than not knowing what she wants to major in. She has only traveled to Pachuca, Mexico where her family is from. Adeline is a random girl but hilarious because her snapchats stories are funny. You guys should get to know her.


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