Wk 8-Artist Conversation-Brianna Joy

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Artist: Brianna Joy (AKA Bri Joy)
Exhibition: Merged  
Media: Screen Printing
Gallery: CSULB School of Art, Gatov Gallery East
Instagram: @bri.joy
Bri Joy shares her work at Cal State Long Beach. She is an undergraduate pursuing her BFA and is expected to graduate in 2016. She first attended Orange Coast College before she managed to transfer at CSULB in order to get her degree. She says that Long Beach has had a huge impact on her art because she was born in a small community. Although art takes up so much time in her life, she is interested in an many other activities like sports, yoga, or anything that involves “board”. She wants her work to be pure; her exhibit explores two important elements of her life which is the small town and big city.
Joy’s most important step for her work is print making. In her exhibit, she uses black and white. She says she uses style to challenge color. Even though is looks so simple, the black and white make it sleek. She uses organic art with many types of lines in order to show the meaning behind her work. She says that the process of screening prints can be difficult because it takes time and effort just to combine layers.
Joy’s pieces represent her life from living in the small town and moving to a big city. It represents her past and her present. Moving from a little town in a big city is such a drastic change, it allowed her to gain the desire behind all her work. Her experience causes her work to be more pure to her. In her work, you can see how she uses techniques and merges layers to show how she merged moving from a small town to a big city. It is truly amazing how Bri combines layers and makes one and show us how she takes her past and present and makes it into one.
Joy’s work really connects with me because I once I moved cities. Although it wasn’t such a drastic change, it still affected me. She is a great artist and at such a young age, she has a powerful exhibit that can connect to many of the students in Cal State Long Beach who made the same change as she did by moving into a larger city like Long Beach.

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