Wk 7-Artist Conversation- Andrea Lauren Williams

Info Block:

Artist: Andrea Lauren Williams

Exhibition: Sacrifice. Lots of parallels of faith

Media: Ceramics, Raw Clay, Cement, Mason stain

Gallery: CSULB School of Art, Gatov Gallery West

Website: http://mrsdubbayoo.weebly.com/

Instagram: andreawilliammms

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Andrea was born and raised in Riverside, California . She said that Art and music has always been in her family and that is why she grew a huge interest in it. She was married  in her 20’s and her husband convinced her to choose painting and drawing as a career. Andrea was a badass girl growing up, she used to be the drummer in a band, she said she misses doing shows with her band.She is now a mother, she has quite a bit of pets that consist of dogs, pigs, and chickens. She is an undergraduate at California State University of Long Beach School of Art in Ceramics. She is expected to graduate in 2016. Her main ideas for art encompasses religiosity. Almost all of her work is pretty religious because she comes from a Christian background. She would describe her work as religious but with a little twist, textural, loose, and handmade.

Andrea’s artwork has a loose texture because is it made with just her hands.She uses paint, cement, and clay to create her pieces. All of her pieces have something in common, almost all have a grey background with a person in it. If you notice, none of her work is smoothed out because she  enjoys seeing the texture of her fingerprints in the clay. Her main focus has to be texture and gesture. The majority of her work has to do with some type of sacrifice. She also mentioned that each of her sculptures will take her about a week to complete.

Andrea Lauren William’s showcase was about Sacrifice, Religion and Motherhood. Most of the pieces show a nude women, looking up to heaven and being pregnant. I came to conclusion that these pieces tell us how a mother’s connection with her children will always be inseparable. Her art pieces show us that people sacrifice their body, mind, time and life. She referred to sacrifice when she gave birth to her child. She says that being a mother has changed her indefinitely. While creating her art pieces she says that different moments, reactions, choices and emotions cross her and that is what gives her ideas to create her unique ceramic pieces of sacrifice.

My experience was pretty cool this week. After checking out the many artists that were showcases their work, I was mostly awed by Andrea Lauren Williams. Not because there was women breasts but because it felt like I was in church. Her pieces were truly powerful. They showcased a Mother’s inseparable connection with her children. It made me think of my mom because her and I do not really have that good of a connection. I would love to see what other great pieces this amazing artist will create.


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