Wk 5-Artist Conversation-Kristen Jensen

Artist: Kristen Jensen
Exhibition: Fuse: Joined to form a single entity
Media: Copper, Some Steel, Silver, Fire, Saw, Hammer, Sand Paper
Gallery: CSULB School of Art, Gatov Gallery West
Website: No Website, Uses Instagram
Instagram: Whipperton

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Kristen Jensen LOVES METAL! She started out as a sculpture major because she wasn’t into conceptional art. Jensen says Metal is better because it is easier to manipulate, she has been working with Metal for 2 years now.She is an Undergrad and is from the Metals & Jewelry BTA program at CSULB School of Art. Some other interests of hers are cooking, reading, working with Fiber Art, drinking Red wine, and she enjoys spending time with her husband.

Kristen Jensen’s work was really nice. She said her favorite piece was the colorful necklace which she made in 2013 and still doesn’t have a title. The necklace is a roundish piece, with green,black,brown,and blue mixed with a silver chain. The texture is really smooth and it looks glazed. It’s definitely meant for a women but it is still a beautiful piece.

When asked what her art explored or was all about, Jensen said, “No specific message, it’s just driven by process.” For her finishing a piece brings pride and satisfaction. “Very Satisfying to finish.” were her words.

For me I really enjoyed viewing Kristen’s work not just because they look nice but because of the way she described it, she said, ” I don’t do art talk” which made me feel like she kept it real with us. Also when asked what she doesn’t like about metal she was straightforward and said, “Nothing, it’s badass you work with fire.” That made me feel that you don’t have to be all about art to create art.


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