Wk 4-Classmate Conversation-Hilario Saucedo


For week 4, I had the privilege to talk to a friend of my friend in the class. I met Hilario Saucedo on the first day of class and just like I thought we got along really well. Hilario is 19 years old, he will turn 20 this year on April 8th. He graduated in 2014 from Paramount High School in Paramount California. Now attending CSULB, he is a Criminal Justice Major hoping to one day fulfill his dream of being a Police Officer. I asked him if he played any sports before and he said he played Baseball and was a Shortstop. He prefers Nike over Adidas, as do I, which is why i think we’ll be good friends. Hilario is also blessed to be driving in his chick magnet car, a 2013 Dodge Challenger. He is a really cool dude and would be a great friend.

Hit him up: hilariosaucedo.wordpress.com



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