Wk 3-Snapchat

This week’s art experience was with Snapchat. I thought this was going to be pretty easy since i am a regular user of snapchat. I don’t normally draw on my snaps though, I then realized that it was not going to be as easy as i thought. First off i didnt know what to draw on the picture but i also realized how difficult it was to even draw. After thinking i came up with two snaps. My first snap was a picture of a little staircase made up of plastic with what looked like a purple tutu. I decided to draw a little guy sitting on the stairs giving a thumbs up just because. On my second snap I took a picture of a painting of a women with her eyes smudged off. I added a pair of eyes, then i noticed what looked to me as a pills container and thought she may be in drugs, so i drew horns on her and a devilish tail. I put the hashtag #bornsinner because i believe everyone sins.

The other two snaps i took from my classmates William Luna and Hilario Saucedo. William took a picture of shattered glass and assumed a killer bass broke it and Hilario simply went crazy on the women’s portrait.


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