Wk 3- Artist Conversation

Info Block:

Artist: Heather Jarrard

Exhibition: Standard 2.6: An Education Student Association

Media: Mixed-Media with Macaroni and Beans

Gallery: CSULB School of Art, Dennis W. Dutzi Gallery

Website: None

Instragram: cobranoag

I had a hard time choosing which Artist’s work I enjoyed the most. After going through the four different rooms, I came to conclusion that Heather Jarrard had to be my favorite. She has been working for her degree for 7 years and her main goal is to create and teach art. Heather is a graduate student and is working on 3D art. She has been an artist for 3 years and is looking to become an art teacher for a middle school or high school. Her main interest is working with metal for her pieces, but metal can be expensive. Therefore her pieces for this gallery are the complete opposite, they represent the budget crisis on art being only made from macaroni and beans.

These art pieces were made with only macaroni noodles and beans put together with hot glue. simple stuff right? Although she used really basic materials, the noodles and beans were carefully place and formed many different shapes and textures. The yellowish color of the noodles contrasted well with the brown and black color of the beans, making the pieces attractive to the eyes. These pieces weren’t the largest pieces in the room but still managed to attract attention.

Heather wanted to express her feelings on the budget crisis for art, with that she spent very little money on supplies and created many beautiful pieces. She informed us that the second worst state in the United States for a budget crisis on art was California. On average, a student will receive only $0.24 in California. I do not understand how it would be possible to even buy anything with that budget.

I’m not really interested in art but I was truly awed when I walked into this gallery and saw the simplest pieces but told a lot more than the other pieces in the room. I enjoyed the concept of the art and would love to see what other ideas Heather comes up with.



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